Leonor Espinosa’s culinary proposal is based on anthropological research done for over more than ten years, which has also led her to assess how the local food crops and ingredients can be used to improve the nutrition and cultural identity of Colombian rural communities. This work has been done through the Leo Espinosa Foundation, FUNLEO. Leonor has devoted much of her life to research and to the creation of cutting-edge trends based on local cuisine, becoming a recognized figure for her hard work in the preservation of cultural heritage.

Laura Hernández-Espinosa loves the world of aromas. Her passion for traditional and modern drinks led her to become a professional sommelier. She is also a specialist in Foreign Affairs, Social Responsibility and Development, which gives her a wide knowledge in food issues. Laura runs FUNLEO, where her work is oriented to build projects and strategies based on gastronomy - as a motor of economic and social development.